DCD Airsoft - Battery Stock for Brick Lipo

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Demonstration video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjhifgCWDqw

This 3D printed airsoft M4 buttstock is the perfect addition for those looking to power their AEG with a large brick type Lipo battery. This stock is sized to hold up to a 3S 2400mah 65C battery while only being slightly longer and wider than a Magpul MOE stock. It slides over your existing AEG buffer tube and is secured with a set screw. The butt plate slides on and is a snap fit with no hardware necessary.

Battery Space: 37 x 28.4 x 120+mm
The front of the battery compartment is slanted so batteries longer than 120mm will fit if they don't take up the entire 28.4mm height of the compartment.

- Ergonomic stock angle
- Textured butt plate to prevent slipping off shoulders
- Minimal hardware required for attachment (included)
- Holds up to 3S 2400mah 65C battery
- Sleek no-snag design prevents the stock from getting hung up on gear during use
- Still allows the use of sling plates mounted on the buffer tube at the rear of the receiver
- 3d printed in PETG - will not melt or deform in your hot car
- Made with 100% recyclable materials

Primary color = stock body
Secondary color = butt plate

**All items sold on my Etsy shop are for airsoft only. No items for sale, nor any items pictured, are capable of firing or being modified to fire live ammunition. These are all toy airsoft guns.**