Raffle Ticket for Custom HPA VSR-10 Draw!

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Here is your chance to win a fully custom Tokyo Marui VSR-10 with Wolverine Bolt. This was a personal project of mine, and it is ready to be taken out into the field, and is ready to go out of the box (tank and regulator are included!) We are only selling 50 tickets, so don't miss out! The draw date will be announced once all the tickets are sold, and will be live streamed on our Instagram account. For those wanting details of this build:
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec  $450
Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 Scope
Wolverine Bolt w/ Cylinder  $500
Wolverine Wraith CO2  $130
2x JST Batteries 7.4v 800mah
Runcam Scope Cam 4K  $250
Wolverine Storm High Pressure Reg  $230
Huntshield 42" Locking Hard Case  $150
Crossair 48/4500psi HPA Tank  $250
Action Army Long Scope Top Rail  $125
Action Army CNC Hop Chamber  $85
Maple Leaf Bucking  $20
Crazy Jet Inner Barrel (300mm)
Action Army Barrel Spacers  $20
Cloak Suppressor Foam  $25
Masada's Ultimate Nub  $12
8x Action Army 50 Round Mags  $160
Speed Scope Protector  $35
Maple Leaf Backup Mag Holder  $30
Straight Pull Bolt Handle(Plus Original G-SPEC Handle)
Bubble Level Scope Ring  $15
Total Value: $2877

What makes this rifle so different from the rest? Let's start with the ability to mount the tank on the top rail via a hole on the side of the stock, which allows you to run without having to have a line going to a pack on your back. The line can also be pulled out and have the ability to run a line to a tank in a pack, and put back in to relocate to the rail in a matter of seconds!

Also included is a straight pull bolt handle (as seen in the video), which when combined with a short stroke bolt (already installed, bolt pull is approx 12mm, and self returns), allows for ultra-fast reloads. The original bolt handle and end cap are included, should you wish to run a more traditional style. No matter if you're playing milsim or Speedsoft, this rifle can handle it all!

For the youtubers and video guys, a Runcam Scope Cam 4K is also included, as well as a SPEED Airsoft protector to keep your optics safe!

Also of note, shipping is included to anywhere in Canada or the United States! In the event of a US winner, we will put orange tape as needed on the rifle, as well as all proper customs declarations. Payment of duties in the USA will be the responsibility of the winner.

As you can see, this rifle has everything an airsoft sniper could need! Get your raffle tickets before they sell out! Only 50 tickets available total!