Upgraded New Tokyo Marui MK23 Airsoft Pistol

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Brand new fully upgraded Tokyo Marui MK23 Pistol. The snipers sidearm choice, this pistol will come performing top notch right out of the box, thanks to upgrades from Hadron Airsoft Designs, SniperMechanic, and Da Vinci Barrels. We've even upgraded the foam in the suppressor for that ultra quiet operation! With over $200 worth of upgrades in this amazing pistol, you're guaranteed to have an exceptional out of the box experience! This pistol also ships free!


Hadron 3 Screw TDC Dust Cover ($35)

Hadron CNC H-Arm V2 ($21)

Hadron Saviour Mag Release System ($40)

SniperMechanic Flamingo Bucking 50° ($18)

Da Vinci 6.01 Raizen 133mm Barrel (Socom MK23) ($50)

Snipetor Capacitor Nano (1 installed in mag, 2 extras included for extra mags) ($32)

Snipetor Magazine Spring ($3)

Cloak Series Suppressor Foam Insert Kit ($25)

Stock is extremely limited, so get yours before it's gone!